Organizing Tips For Your Next Office Move

office relocation serviceAn office move can be stressful especially when considering business operations. You need to keep the business up while moving, and after moving. Failing to do so can negatively affect your customers, income, and productivity.

Here are tips to for hiring a professional moving company for an efficient move:

1. Furniture first

Find the good spots where you can place a work desk. They should have good lighting, good electrical provisions, and a quick exit path for emergencies.

2. Find the best spot for your computer

Pull up a chair near the desk, and find a comfortable position for working on a computer. Make sure you’re not creating a strain on your body. You should consider a space conducive to work habits like emptying a space for spreading out project materials.

3. Set up the tech stuff

Plan the most efficient locations for your technical equipment. You might be using one thing more than another, so think about placing them within reach.

4. Organize cables

Save yourself from the hassle of finding which cable goes with what. Organize your cables with labels or cable ties.

5. Place current projects on your desk

Stay on top of your projects by keeping them in sight.

6. Organize your drawers

Consider placing the most accessed materials within reach.

7. Keep your desk supplies to a minimum

Minimize clutter by keeping only the items you need on your desk. These can be note pads, pens, or inboxes – it all depends on what suit your needs.

8. Put Books and Archives Last

These should be your last priority. Organize them as you pack them in boxes, and label them with dates.

Save yourself from the headache by organizing your things before and after moving. Also remember to stay on top of current projects and sensitive data.

If you follow these steps, and work closely with your office moving company, your next office move will be smooth sailing.

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