3 Commonplace plumbing myths to avoid

When learning about maintenance of your plumbing systems (solar geyser maintenance, fixing leaky pipes, etc), it’s important to know effective practices that keep you from causing damage to your pipes. Here are three myths you need to know and avoid.

solar geyser maintenance1. Things are going down the drain, so there’s no problem!

It may seem to be working fine but you may still have a serious clog. If you notice a slow draining or fragments that stay on the discharge pipe, it’s possible that you have a developing clog. You should immediately stop using it, and have it fixed as soon as possible.

2. Plumbing Doesn’t Require Too Much Maintenance

This is a serious one! What homeowners may not know is that pipes can be affected by clogs, tree roots or home foundations. You should be checking sewer cleanouts. These can lead to bigger, more expensive repairs like sewer line or pipe replacements. It’s best to keep watch on all your plumbing fixtures from pipes to sinks and faucets.

3. Run Water During Garbage Disposal So Waste Travels Smoother

Don’t throw everything down your garbage disposal, the running water won’t help either. Food items, especially the hard or thick ones such as banana peels and shells can damage your disposal. This can potentially cost you a lot of money. But if you really need to run thick foods down the disposal, break them or mix them with water before throwing them.