3 Garage Door Types for Modern Homes

Garage doors often form part of the first line of security for your Pretoria home. They also add to the first impression when your house is first viewed by potential buyers. It would be foolish to underestimate the value it can add, or detract, from your home when the time comes to sell. Over the past decade, many advancements have been made in the garage door industry. Today the most popular garage door is the overhead door, replacing the trusted hinged or pivot garage door of old.

There are a number of different garage door types you must consider when doing a new installation, or performing an upgrade of an existing garage door.

The sectional overhead garage door is commonly used, and consists of three to four sections, or panels. Hinges connect these sections together, and the sections roll up and over a large coil when opening and closing. A good deal of ceiling space is require for the large coil, while mechanical problems can be experienced.

Roll up overhead garage doors are made of multiple smaller sections, and can be more expensive. When opening the garage door, these sections roll up into a compact coil. These panels require regular car, but use less ceiling space compared to the sectional overhead door type.

The tilt up type of garage door is seldom used in new installations, and is considered by many to be outdated. This door consists of a single panel, and places a lot of tension on the motor when opening and closing. While the design of these doors can be easy on the eye, this door isn’t as secure as others.

These are only 3 of the various garage door types that are still being used. Once a type has been decided on, you also need to look at the various garage door materials that can be used. Most importantly, you must find a reliable garage door company. At StormC, we have used Right Quip Garage Doors in the past, and we can gladly recommend them.